Switching Gears to Chuncheon


After finishing the temple stay experience at Baengnyeon Temple we set off to check out Chuncheon, which is approximately 50 minutes away from Seoul.  All I knew about Chuncheon was that it’s a beautiful place and they have a street dedicated to Dak Galbi, which is a popular Korean dish generally made by stir-frying diced chicken in gochujang sauce, cabbage, potato, onions, and rice cake together on a hot plate.

The first thing we did at Chuncheon was renting bikes to get around conveniently and see all the beautiful things. We got bikes for 10,000 krw /day from a rental place right next to the station.


My model boy



The abandoned amusement park



The weather was pretty great during the whole trip


Being lost


After cycling a while we saw this Buddha statue on a boat/house set-up. Since we just came from a temple stay we felt that we had to go there to pay our respects. There was a sweet old lady on the boat who was very excited to see a bunch of foreigners. She told us some cool stories and gave us some vietnamese coffee.



Cycling next to a huge river


We got to see some Cherry Blossoms



Break time


Josh leading the pack



With 5 ~ hours of happy cycling behind us we started heading to the downtown area in Chuncheon. On our way there we came across this man selling mojitos. They were non-alcoholic but that didn’t matter since the mojitos were BOMB! They were absolutely delicious and felt so perfect after the long cycling trip. And they were only 2,000 KRW.

It didn’t take us long before we found the Dak Galbi street, which was really a sight to see, a street with only Dak Galbi restaurants. We decided to have BBQ Dak Galbi instead of the traditional one. Really happy about that choice since I’m not a big fan of the normal Dak Galbi. It was super good, loved it, the best chicken I’ve had in Korea for sure. A perfect way to end a good day.



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