The Beer Week Seoul


There’s a really cool craft beer festival going on right now in my neighbourhood, at the Common Ground. I just went there tonight to grab some dinner and a few beers with my friends. The Common Ground is definitely a place to go to if you want some really good food. They have 4 food stands at the plaza, selling burgers, tacos, hot dogs, and barbeque food. This time I chose the burger stand ‘Hand in Hand’. Got the Original burger set with fries and a coke for 9,900 KRW.


After we got our bellies filled with some grub it was time to taste some beer. The list of the craft beers that we tried include: Yuja Gose, I hop so, Wit my Ex, Vanilla cocoa stout, Gorilla Session, Transporter, Amarillo lager, and few others that I can’t remember. Most of them tasted very good, with my favorites being the Yuja Gose and I hop so. Some of them tasted exactly how they sound like (Wit my Ex).


Had a really great time here and I really recommend visiting this event if you happen to have time this weekend. The Beer Week Seoul will be going until Sunday 17.4.



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