Beer & Baseball



After 9 months of living in Seoul I finally went to see a baseball game with my homeboys last night. I was very excited for this event since baseball is seriously a very big thing here in Korea, similar to ice hockey in Finland or american football in he US. We almost missed this game since the boys had a very rough night and barely woke up an hour before the meeting time. So we met up at Konkuk Station exit 2 around 17:15 and headed to the Jamsil Sports Complex.


After getting to the Jamsil Sports Complex we met up with our Korean friend Heonjin who got the tickets for us. The tickets cost 7,000 KRW each. Since we are in Korea, everybody knows that Chicken & Beer have a big role in our everyday life. After the game started we only had our beers to drink and no chicken to eat. What you’re supposed to do is you go buy these chicken boxes before the game starts so you still get them for a decent price and when they’re hot but of course we didn’t know that. This resulted in us going to KFC to buy the chicken which wasn’t that bad, we just had to pay more.

The atmosphere at the stadium was absolutely amazing. Lots of cheers and songs going on all the time. They even have these party dudes to conduct the cheers and the songs. During the break times they had cheerleaders dancing to k-pop songs, also Outsider and Tymee (korean rappers) were present to do an opening act and they performed a few songs afterwards.

The end result was LG Twins 5 – 3 Lotte Giants. Overall the event was quite a blast. Amazing atmosphere, Beer and chicken, cheering and singing, and just being with friends. The actual baseball game itself was quite boring. It lasted 3 and a half hours. You can play 2 football games in that time. I quite often found myself looking at the audience while they were cheering or talking with my friends instead of following the game. From time to time some ‘Oooooh’s got my head to turn back to the game to see if something was happening. The overall conclusion is that baseball is a very very boring game to watch and you just go to these events to enjoy the atmosphere. Definitely worth checking out a game if you happen to be here in Korea. Just make sure you grab your mates, beer, and chicken with you.



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