Starting the blogger life


Me on top of Dobongsan

For people who are not familiar with me yet I’ll put a short introduction here to fix the situation. So I’m a 22 years old Finnish Vietnamese dude, an undergraduate student at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, currently doing my 3rd year for a BBA. Born and raised in Finland, in the hoods of Hervanta. Currently living in Seoul. The things I like to do include dancing, gaming, eating, and spending time with my lovely friends.

Very excited to finally get around to start this blog that I was planning to originally do when I began my exchange studies here in Seoul, South Korea. Since I’m a very active person, coming to a new country, I had so many things to do and see. Being overwhelmed by all of this and trying to cope with the Korean education system I just felt like I couldn’t keep up a blog. So instead I did some videos about few of my travels here in Korea now and then.

With this blog I want to share my everyday experiences with you guys. For now I will be talking about my experiences here in Korea, the daily stuff that I do, food that I eat, and the places I go to. I’m also taking this as an opportunity to improve my writing as I recently realised I don’t have much experience in writing that I can show to people.

Right now I’m writing this from a coffee shop right next to the Konkuk University and having a late breakfast. The owner of this coffee shop is a very nice old lady who can speak english! That is very rare here in Korea. When you go out to some restaurant or a coffee shop the workers are normally quite reluctant to speak in english. The fact that she is an old ahjumma (korean auntie) makes it more amazing since I’ve seen so many young people of my age working at restaurants and they don’t even know the numbers, or any basics words in english

Well, all this said I’m super stoked to start writing and sharing the things I do. You have some questions, ideas, suggestions, or feedback? Feel free to hit me up! I greatly appreciate any kind of feedback and help that I can get since this is my first time doing a blog.

Let’s see how this turns out 😀



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